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Well, there isn't such a diagnosis as Post New Year's Distress Syndrome (PNYDS or "peenids" phonetically) on the books so far, but there should be. The most similar thing that comes close to a Post New Years Distress Syndrome is a mood disorder called seasonal affectiv...

Once dependency on cyber interfacing and electronics use occurs the phone, tablet or laptop becomes something more than just a device. It becomes the mechanism by which a person maintains emotional balance and regulation. In other words, it’s how they keep themselves f...

Last week Londoners in Ontario learned about an allegation against a Catholic priest in the community who had allegedly taken a half a million dollars earmarked to help refugees coming to Canada. Before I even heard of the incident I had received a call from London CTV...

My late adopted Cree uncle Louis Paquette used to say to me: “Rey your words can put you over, or they can put you under, so be careful what you say”. Uncle Louis was a wise man.  He spent the better part of his latter years in pastoral ministries helping many people h...

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Post New Year's Distress Syndrome

February 1, 2017

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