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When Narcissistic Abuse Happens to You

In life, you are bound to meet people who betray your trust. It may be a relationship you expected more from, or a person you’ve been involved with or held out for a long time. After numerous disappointments, you may find yourself...

I had a close friend who was in love with someone who wasn't willing to break online connections with past sex partners. This is the advice I gave them. You may think that they derive sadistic pleasure so from you thinking about there past attachments or them loving an...

For many of us reconnecting with a lost relationship or maintaining a relationship with someone who is difficult to connect with is as easy as placing a phone call, sending an email, or even video-conferencing online. For others, it is not so clear cut and it may appea...

​​     As we move through the busy routines of our week we can sometimes find ourselves pulled off task, de-centered and distracted. We humans are unique creatures in that we will problem-solve throughout the day and continue to take on new problems and attempt to perf...

According to a recent publication by the Canadian Association for Mental Health (CAMH) found here:,  355,00 thousand disability cases in Canada are due to mental...

Contrary to the saying that life is not measured in moments, but its measured by the moments that take your breath away; I have learned and believe firmly that just the opposite is true. Life is measured in the moments that GIVE you breath.  So many things compete for...

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