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Are you interested in being part of a dynamic and professional Nation-wide counselling team while working at home/or have access to your own office space?....Then come work for us! We are hiring across Canada!

  • We provide you with a client valet service for booking during your hours of availability

  • Valet Service-active booking, with notification and prebooking for clients

  • A webspace on ourhighly visible website

  • Active marketing of your services

  • Business cards template

  • Therapuetic community

  • Training opportunities at discounted rates for professional development

  • Clinical supervision and collegial support through Skype from members of our team

  • Webinars and weekly clinicals rounds (rotational)

  • Office space (if you reside in London; Out of province therapists must secure and provide their own space)


Associate Therapist

Work from home or your own office space. We provide the connectivity and online presence as well as support collegial and clinical framework where you can consult with other LMCAAS therapists. Therapists with LMCAAS sign an exlusive private counselling contract  and work solely for LMCAAS as a private therapist. This does not mean you cannot be employed elsewhere, unless you are engaging in providing private therapy services. Therapists at LMCAAS typically earn more than what is offered at other counsellor/agencies due to the uniqueness and sensitvity of our engagement model.


Therapists at LMCAAS must have the following requirements:

  • Have a Masters or Phd in Social Work, Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology and have had clinical practice supervised by a licensed social worker, psychologist ot psychiatrist.

  • Have a clean criminal record check within the past 3 months

  • Be a registered Psychologist, Pscychotherapist or Social Worker with your provincial College or licensing body in good standing.

  • Be willing to submit for Health Canada clearance

  • Sign an exlusive private counselling contract with LMCAAS for a period of 4  years; as well as oath of confidentiality and code of  conduct/standards

  • Carry your own professional and commercial liability insurance naming LMCAAS as a partner.

  • If you reside out of the Southwest Ontario area, have your own workspace.

  • Three letters of reference


* If you are interested in being a part of our team please send an email to





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