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Crisis Counseling and Residential School Health Support for First Nations

*All fees covered. Now available Canada-Wide through tele-health or Skype. Book now on bookings page and follow instructions for Skype Protocol.


Let us work with you and your family to enhance stability and address your areas of healing. Work with a qualified and credentialed counsellor with experience in the First Nations community. Our counselling recognizes and acknowledges the distinctiveness of the worldview of Indigenous Peoples as a crucial protective factor as well as highlights its importance as a central feature of working with First Nation clients. LMCAAS regards therapeutic work with First Nations to be a unique area of specialized service requiring our counsellors to be situated in First Nations worldview and culture. As such, we require our therapists to have at least five years of living and working  experience within First Nation Communities.


Short-term Crisis Counselling

Whether you are young or old LMCAAS provides mental health support for you through times of crisis and distress.  If you find yourself in crisis, experiencing mental health or distress you can receive clinical counselling. Our master-level pre-approved Mental health Clinician is Health Canada FNIHB approved to provide services to you. This service is available to you by home-vist or at our office site. Our services are offered to you during times of crisis, emotional or psychological turmoil, family breakdown or crisis. We will be provide you therapeutic support through these times and provide you with coping skills to manage stress, anxiety and depression. We will assist you to access greater community support and enhance your ability to manage crisis. This service is confidential and fees are covered. Services are offered to London, On. Up to 15 visits.



Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program

The Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program (IRS RHSP) provides mental health and emotional support services to eligible former Indian Residential School students and their families throughout all phases of the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement, including:

  • Common Experience Payments (CEP)

  • Independent Assessment Process (IAP),

  • Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) events

  • Commemorative activities

  • Resolution Health Support Program Services are safe, confidential, respectful, and non-judgmental.

All former Indian Residential School students, regardless of the individual's status or place of residence within Canada, who attended an Indian Residential School listed in the 2006 Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement are eligible to receive services from the Resolution Health Support Program.

In recognition of the intergenerational impacts that the Indian Residential Schools had on families, Resolution Health Support Program services are also available to family members of former Indian Residential Schools students. The family of former students is defined as:

  • spouse or partner;

  • those raised by or raised in the household of a former Indian Residential School student; and,

  • any relation who has experienced effects of intergenerational trauma associated with a family member's time at an Indian Residential School.

Health Canada verifies eligibility of persons requesting IRS RHSP services with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, which holds data on former students who attended those Indian Residential Schools that are part of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. Up to 20 Visits with possible extensions.



First Nations Counselling, FNIHB, London Ontario


Grounding in ones culture of identification  also helps to process traumatic experiences in a way that improves health. FIrst Nations Counselling  at LMCAAS utilizes evidence-based therapies yet we are grounded in Indigenous epistemology and informed by healing and counselling experience within the distinct Indigenous Worldviews of the Cree, Anishnabek and Iroquoian cultures.  This promotes a harmious development in thinking and feeling and frameworks of therapy. Many are embracing their healing through counselling and therapies which address the impacts of  the colonization experience.  LMCAAS counselling will further assist you and empower you to create more choices in your relationships with family and your lifestyle. Gaining this help may also assist you in  learning new roles and fulfilling  roles more effectively within your family. I have worked with many elders and healers throughout Canada who are also engaged in healing their communities of the emotional and psychological hurts, the anxieties, fears and the pain that have been the long-standing impacts of colonization, residential schools and racism.



*All counselling fees are covered by Health Canada. Call LMCAAS  toll free at 1 (855) 339-1666  to book an appointment or book on-line with individual counsellor page on this website. if you are in another part of Canada you can book your session for telehealth by phone or via online video-conferencing.

1.   Book your session with available FNIHB program counsellor please ensure your contact is information is accurate. *(Currently, Rey T. Singh MSW, CACII, RCS, RSW, C.Hyp)

2. Download and fill out your intake and consent to treatment form found in the forms section. Attach them to your booking time when prompted. (you may sign them at your first session.)

3. Attend your first session.

4. Set up your weekly times with your counsellor.

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