Social Worker & Psychotherapist

My approach to psychotherapy is grounded in science, humanistic developmental theory and in extensive experiences supporting and counselling people from diverse cultural backgrounds.  The foundation of my approach to helping rests on 20 years of social work and counselling experience. By focusing on helping clients to develop internal resources and skills and to re-engage with their social supports clients may effectively gain control of their lives. I use this information, this knowledge and experience working in mental health and addictions with my clients to empower them in their journey to recovery and to assist them in developing effective coping strategies. I help those with mental health gain the necessary internal resources to cope and help foster social supports to maintain their mental health and wellness and achieve optimal health. Mental health recovery and healing of addictions is achievable by collaborating with a skilled professional and accessing necessary supports.


Sometimes there is a biological basis for mental illness. Often when working with an addiction,  we discover that  individual and family dysfunction is rooted in disordered attachment and childhood traumas which are sometimes inter-generational. The early attachments with significant others-parents and/or caregivers lay the foundation for one's ability to regulate emotion, deal with life's challenges. These tools and skills help us to move through stressful life events. Genetic, pathology may also be the basis of mental health diagnosis.  Sometimes, traumas come from the environment in which a person was raised are very impacting. The skills we acquire and learn through our early life often determine how effective we may be at dealing with stress later in life. As well, one's ability to move through the stresses others may find easier to manage is also learned during these earlier experiences. These learned adaptational patterns of survival and attachment often may carry us through difficult times earlier in their life. However, as we outgrow their utility one may also find themselves in new relationships and on new paths where these behaviours are less effective.  One may then learn new ways and internal resources and skills to connect with their new environment and to foster new healthier ways of relating to the people around them and coping with stress, and new lifestyles.


Sometimes problems may be more complex with intergenerational trauma or where injury has occurred at the hands of family members or loved ones. The resulting Complex Post Traumatic Stress is a normal response to such traumatic attachments and can set one up for patterns of painful relationships. This requires treatment and healing.  If you come from another culture, environmental impacts such as the collective experience of your cultural group and its current experience may also influence your outlook and how well you cope with stress.  Any discrimination experienced based on race, class or gender is also a type of trauma that can be deeply impacting to one's personal well-being.

I will assist you in your journey towards recovery as well assist you to manages anxiety, depression and other acute symptoms of mental health. Through therapy, you can heal and learn new ways to regulate emotions, have more balanced thinking and lead a more productive and happier lifestyle. Feel free to contact me to assist you in your journey of healing, recovery and self-discovery.