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Our Services

Counselling Services London, Ontario
Private counselling and Psychotherapy: In-Office or Online
We offer counselling support for the following areas:
  • Marriage  and relationship counselling
  • Counselling for counsellors and health care professionals
  • Racial Trauma Counselling
  • Codependency
  • Exiting relationships
  • Anxiety and depression management
  • Grief and loss
  • Anger management
  • Domestic Violence
  • Complex PTSD
  • Addictions recovery
  • Concurrent Disorders Support/dual diagnoses
  • Mental health support
  • Discharge planning
  • Depression, anxiety disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Stress Management
  • NPD, borderline cluster B disorders
  • Workplace stress
  • Vicarious traumatization
  • Gender dysphoria and reassignment
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Helper/Caregiver Support
  • Parenting strategies for adolescents
  • Hoarding
  • *Only offered online
Counselling Services London, Ontario, counselling for counsellors
Counselling for Health Care Professionals and Counsellors
Are you a helping professional in the health care or social services field experiencing addiction or vicarious trauma? You may be experiencing work-related stress or having difficulty maintaining balance in your life. We will work with you to move you through this phase and develop helpful strategies and provide you with emotional and psychological support until you are managing more effectively. Our agency practice is founded on a collaborative and collegial framework of helping one another. We recognize the challenges of seeking assistance as a helping professional and provide you with the highest degree of confidentiality and discretion when supporting you.
Mental Health Counselling Services London Ontario
Counselling and Mental Health support for UWO and Fanshawe College Students
Whether you have just come to London to study from another province, or have been here for a little while LMCAAS offers mental health support counselling for students attending University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College.
Resettling in a different part of the country and beginning your studies brings new challenges with new relationships, culture and social expecations.  It's normal to experience culture shock at first. Sometimes these immense changes can trigger or amplify underlying mental health or worsen symptoms of anxiety or depression.
We will work with you to assist you with your transition, crisis or challenges with adjusting  and stabalizing you to your new environment. Or we can help you to develop skills to manage your mental health matter to assist you to complete your studies.  Our counsellors are well-versed in supporting students with their mental health needs while attending post secondary. 
*Reduced Fees for Students with Student Card.
Online Counselling Services London Ontario
Addictions Counselling
Are you struggling with addiction? Is it beginning to affect your work, relationships and lifestyle?  We can help! Addictions counselling is offered both in-office and via online counselling for substance abuse. Take back your self, your family, your job by taking your first step towards recovery.
Online addiction counselling packages are also available for individuals living out of province. We offer creative solutions to meet your counselling needs: from gambling to substance abuse.
*Offered in-office, by homevisit, or online.

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Mental Health Consultation for counsellors london ontario
First Nations Counselling Services
First Nations Counselling
Short-Term Crisis Counselling
If you or a family member is experiencing crisis we will work with you and your loved one to move past painful roadbloacks  and develop strategies to help you move through traumatic experiences. We work with you to assess and help you grow through the  pyschological, emotional, behavioral and spiritual effects of trauma and enhance your strengths in these areas. *Fees Covered.
Indian Residential School Health Support
If you are a survivor of the Indian Residential School Experience, secondary effects and/or are experiencing crisis you are able to access therapeutic counselling services at LMCAAS. Our clinical social work counsellors are educated in First Nations history and have extensive experience working in Native Communities. They have the trauma-informed expertise to work with survivors of Complex PTSD. *Fees covered
*Only offered in-office or by homevisit

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Men's Therapeutic Support/Activity Group

The men’s support group is to assist men to access social supports, meet new people and engage in social functions and support for their own health needs. Counselling support is not offered in this group and is only accessed through individual counselling sessions. However, a weekly check-in will be provided at the group and individuals are encouraged to foster healthy friendships with other group members during activity times.
*Prerequisite for attendance: prior attendance at two counselling session.
*Rate for participation is one session hour per month: 155.00. (pay and book online) Individuals are responsible for their own costs for social activities. (e.g. attending a movie together).
*takes place on Wednesday evenings 7pm - 9 pm


Addictions & Mental Health Consultation & Co-counselling Partnerships
Treatment consultation available on a case-by-case basis for case managers, mental health counsellors and psychotherapists. LMCAAS provides clinical consultation by a board registered clinical supervisor- Rey T. Singh MSW, RSW, RCS, C.Hyp.
Counsellors seeking co-counselling partnerships for various clients-same rates apply.
Standard hourly rates apply for this service.
*This service is open to all allied health professionals. Book your appointment at:
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